ООО «Рейдел Аутомотив Рус»


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ООО «Рейдел Аутомотив Рус»
Калуга, 1-й Автомобильный пр-д, 1
+7 (4842) 21-12-72
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Reydel Automotive‘s most valuable asset is its people. We aim to develop our employees’ skills and know-how, to provide them with a safe working environment and to ensure diversity of cultures and profiles. We believe that people development is carried out through engaging and challenging experiences and opportunities and that mobility is a source of advancement and professional fulfillment. We are an international company, with a footprint in 15 countries, therefore mobility and synergies are strongly encouraged across the group. Within our organization, we value initiative and empowerment, ownership and excellence, as we want every employee to be the best business partner of our customers. We encourage team work and innovation to build the best place to work for our people. Innovative thinking and passion are part of our people’s DNA. So, come and join us for an exciting professional experience.
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Вакансия Регион
Ведущий специалист по охране труда (г. Калуга)
, 23000 руб./мес. , 23.05.2016
Москва, Московская обл.
Ведущий специалист по охране труда, окружающей среды, промышленной безопасности
, 70000 руб./мес. , 23.05.2016
Калуга, Калужская обл.
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